It’s a zoo here! Part 1


Guest post by Elizabetta, the cat who came with the farm.

You know I like summer as much as any other cat but really, this year it is just out of control here!

mss intinerat dinner, shirley andrew 019

First there was the weasel!  I mean how dare this thing show up in my yard lookin all sleek in dark fur!  Really!  This is my yard and no one is allowed to look better in black fur than me!


boars, july 4 068


And then there’s old big a** Momma boar!  Isn’t even polite enough to run when that silly woman who lives here goes out making noise!

boars, july 4 071


And it’s like she has free run of the place.  She’s just everywhere.  Back, front.  No where is safe!


Look for part 2.


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