It’s a zoo here! Part 2

Please read part 1 of this guest post by Elizabetta.


And if it’s not enough for that tacky Momma boar to be around she has to go bringin her babies!!!!!!!


baby boars


(Photo credit: Andrew Bryce)


There were 8 all together!  8!  Do you believe it 8!!!!! 

I knew something was up when I was patrolling the woods that morning.  I overheard Momma talking and saw her shaking her front trotter at what I guess is her husband.  She was telling him  “ Now we have to be over at the Porkers by dark!  The folks who live on their farm are having a big do tonight and Penny thinks it will be funny if we all go walking through.  Scare those tourists!  Anyway, you need to be back here in time.  Are you listenin to me?  Now I’ll take the kids to get some takeout.  We’ll go to that mulberry stand by the drive… oh but you know, Pol and Porketta Jr. can’t digest mulberries.  I mean how did we ever have 2 little ones who can’t eat mulberries?  Well, I guesss I’ll just have to bring them all back here in the woods to look for some grubs too.  Oh my… now you be on time tonight.  You hear?”


And that is what they did.  Momma was down with her babies.  And that nice Andrew from Canada thought he would take a picture.  Well, she got on her high horse and went runnin off.  Squealing to beat all.  And them babies follwin her… Such a racket!  They were all over the place.  First the front, then the back, then through the woods, then in the front again!  It just went on and on.  Momma probably didn’t have enough strength left to scare the tourists down the road.  Ruined her big night out.  That’s what she gets for having 8.  And 2 of them mulberry intolerant!  Really! 


The story continues in part 3.


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