It’s a zoo here! Part 3

A guest post by Elizabetta.  Please read parts 1 and 2 first.


Well, I tell you what.  After listening to those hogs all night I just decided I needed to do something about it.  First I’m gonna ask sweet Richard to install a machine gun or a gun mount of some sort on the front porch.  I could just take care of it all from there.  And probably keep that nasty Socks from stealing my food!  But until Richard comes, I had to go over to another farm where I know a cat who knows a huntin dawg.  (there’s no accounting for who some cats will hang out with is there?)    He musta have spread the word.  Because a few days later, those hunters turned up.  And lookee here!


Prato lonch 018


Looks like part of one them babies to me.  Whooo hoo!  That women who lives here has tucked it in the freezer for Richard.  He’ll be here soon.  He just makes the best stew with that!


But my troubles are not over.  As if it is not enough look who shows up again!


boars, july 4 060


That silly Chino!  He says it is only for a few days.  His people are going sailing.  Sometimes his few days can turn into weeks!  Oh will this never end?????  How long until my Richard arrives????

At that ends Elizabetta’s current tale of woe.


1 Comment

  1. sherrie and franco

    OH MY GOSH Martha! that was so funny written in Elizabettas voice!! loved it!!

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