I went to the library the other day…

Actually two libraries.  Oh how I wish.  But I kind of did.  It was a virtual experience at two of my favorite libraries.  One in the town in Virginia where we used to live and one in North Carolina.  I know both of these libraries very well.  And still remember how they smell, and how good the air conditioning always felt in the summer when you walked in. 


I ache to walk into a library and be able to browse shelves.  To look at new books and pick one to take home.  To walk down the shelves of non-fiction until a title in one of the many subjects that I am interested in catches my eye.  Then add that book to my book bag.  Oh, and maybe that one too.  Now let’s go look at mysteries.  Ohhhhh, I miss libraries.


But I have the next best thing.  A young military wife, whose blog I read, pointed out that with a library card and a password, many libraries in the US allow downloads of books.  So now I download audio books and listen to them while cleaning or doing other things.  I have considered a Kindle or some type of reader but until I have satisfied myself that I can drop it out of bed more than one time before it breaks then I don’t think I will invest in one. 


And I have learned that the search function of the online libraries has a wish list where you can keep tittles that you are interested in stored until you are ready to download them.  So I can go in and browse when I have more time, store the title and the go back to it when I want to download a book in a hurry.


I just finished listening to At Home written and read by Bill Bryson.  I have always enjoyed Bryson’s books and this was really interesting.  So now I am looking for something else to read/listen to.  What are you reading this summer?


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Yeah, Elizabetta says, life is tough here on the farm.



  1. What a fantastic scheme.

  2. Jane Mirko

    Martha, Two books sweeping East and West Coast are “The Help” and “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” Both terrific reads. Currently reading somewhat of a follow-on to the Guernsey book “Those Who Save Us.” Don’t know if any of these are on audio yet but are quick reads. “The Help” is about black household labor in the South after WW II. The Guernsey book describes the German occupation of Guernsey, in the Brittish Channel Islands during WW II.
    Happy reading!!

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