Sliced Steak, the second time

Please read a previous post to understand all about this event.


We were back again to the Festa della Tagliata in Agazzi on Thursday, June 30.  This time the guy making the reservations didn’t bother with a name.  We are now known collectively as the ‘American’.


boars, july 4 049


boars, july 4 043


Slightly different group.  From the left our guest Giff, Ben, Jules, their guests from England, across from Jules, George and then Brandey.  (Giff and Brandey are traveling the world.  Look for another post about their travels)


boars, july 4 045 


Really good looking antipasto.


boars, july 4 048


This week I choose the steak topped with arugula.  Kind of a steak and salad combined.  Very tasty!


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