A new sagra for us, part 1

In past years, we had seen the poster  for the Itinerate Dinner in Monte San Savino but had just never gone.  When Ben and I met George and Jules in MSS on Wednesday, June 15, for the market we all decided to go.  Our very brave (having just arrived from Canada that day) guests, Shirley and Andrew joined us and all of George and Jule’s guests for a lively evening in town on Saturday, June 18.  For this sagra which needed to be reserved ahead you bought a book of tickets that were then taken from store front to store front to be exchanged for food.  It was 20 Euros a person.


mss intinerat dinner, shirley andrew 011 

At the first stop there were not enough chairs so here’s George on the right with Jenny and Ferney (from George and Jules’ old neighborhood in England) and other guests.


mss intinerat dinner, shirley andrew 010


At the first stop in the first piazza in town were the stops (shop fronts) for prosecco (fizzy white wine), two different antipastos and red wine.  Then we moved around the corner (near Burro e Sale for those of you who know) for the next courses.  Fortunately there were tables, one of which we set up camp at. 


 mss intinerat dinner, shirley andrew 016


Look for another post with a great group photo.






Here we had pasta, thin sliced Chianina beef (like roast beef) with vegetables, more wine and gelato.  (you can just see Andrew’s head and only Shirley’s arm and of course George and Jules)


After an hour or so there we moved back to our fav, Caffe Luna to finish off the evening.  I think a good time was had by all. 


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