Something new

Marketing people have a term (which I have forgotten) for grocery shoppers like me.  If I see a new product and it is not outrageously expensive I will buy it.  A few weeks ago it was an atomizer of truffle spray.  It was pretty good.  And I would buy another.  I have since given my original away, so no pictures.  This week I saw this and just had to buy it.



toro, goose, neroni 007 


Indeed it is exactly what you think.  Melted milk chocolate mixed with cream cheese.  A good non-nutty chocolate spread that is not Nutella (a chocolate and hazelnut spread about the consistency of peanut butter that is one of the national staples here in Italy).  Don’t get me wrong, Nutella has its place  but this is so much better.   Here in Italy, chocolate or Nutella is a major component of breakfast.  Either as a cornetto (really, really bad croissant) (and that is bad in a disgusting way not bad in a sinful, decadent way) filled with chocolate or Nutella or cookies smeared with chocolate or Nutella.  Now at last a spread that is just chocolate, not too sweet and not filled with preservatives.  It is actually pretty good.  It would make very nice filling for little chocolate tarts topped with whipped cream.  Or maybe melted down to dip fruit in or as a warm chocolate sauce.  Very versatile product.  Now if Kraft could just get cheddar cheese here…



  1. oooooh, yum! Send it to England please!

  2. sherrrie and franco


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