You know when you get to be my age, you realize that maybe you won’t be elected President of the United States, maybe you won’t be the CEO of some whooop dee doo company, maybe you won’t be rich and famous.  Some of the heroes and heroines that you have looked up to in the past are suddenly proved to be not what you thought they were.  Well as the Italians say, “Boh!”  or what difference does it make, you live in Tuscany and have a pretty durn good life!


But every now and then you meet someone who inspires you.  Usually a little older than you are, who is still living life to the fullest and enjoying every bit of it. 


At our friends’ Tania and Keith’s 4th of July party we met Jackie.  Look at her, sitting next to Ben at the ostrich sagra several days later.


toro, goose, neroni 033


toro, goose, neroni 034


toro, goose, neroni 035


Man!!!! She is a firecracker and a half!   I think she is in her 80s.  (I did hear, several times, how old she was but it was hard to believe for the energy level and interest that she had)  She was her visiting with her son, daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grand daughters (one of which you see to her right)  And she did not miss a beat or a thing.  And she enjoyed herself! 


She is my new heroine because when I get to be that age I want to still be traveling, seeing new things, eating new things, enjoying life and being positive!  I do want to have my body in good working order so I can be up and active.  I do not want to be an “oh, but I can’t…”   I do not want to be afraid to try new things.  There is still a lot that I want to do or see or eat or…whatever.  Maybe it is time for one of those “list” books.  100 things to do after you are 60 but before you turn 90.  What do you think?


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  1. Nandra Weeks

    I am so glad she inspired you. She had a blast in Italy – trying new things (you didn’t post the photo of her riding the mechanical bull the night before!!!). She is an inspiration to us all and a very dear friend of mine. She loves people and never meets a stranger. She had a great time at Tania and Keith’s with Murphy and the 4th of July party and all of the unbelievably wonderful people she met – all enjoying life to its fullest! Thanks for inviting her (and all of us for that matter) into your lives while we were in Cortona!

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