Summer Scenes and the Weather

toro, goose, neroni 043


toro, goose, neroni 050

Chino with Ben on the terrace.


toro, goose, neroni 051


Aren’t these lanterns cool?   They are battery operated and made of fabric rather than paper.  They give off a nice glow rather than a harsh light.  I got the from OBI (the Home Depot of Italy).  Our friend Tania introduced them to me at her 4th of July party.  We can’t leave them out all the time because of the winds that we get up here.  But I am able to leave the thin green string up all the time so that all I have to do is carry them out and flick them on. 


And the wind!!!  Here on the 24th of July for the past 4 or 5 days we have been having a wind storm.  Strong, gusty winds that will blow and blow and then stop for a few hours and then start again.  Reminds me of the winds that we usually have when the seasons change.  Overall the temps have been up and down.  It was still very pleasant (perhaps even cool for some) in June and early July (recall the pic of Ben’s birthday dinner where he and George are wearing sweatshirts).  Then we had about 10 days of very hot weather, the temps in the 90s like it usually is during August.  And now along with the winds we have had clouds and cooler temps, high 70s to 80s.  And finally today our first rain in over a month.  We really needed it.  It was a good rain.  Not too hard.  No hail.  Still some clouds so maybe we will get another shower.  And I won’t have to water tonight!



  1. Love the lanterns, I feel in need of a trip to OBI 🙂

  2. What’s Ben reading?

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