Introducing Nerone

Yes, another thing Siena would not have understood why it took so long.  We have finally gotten another dog.  After she died I felt that if we were to have another dog it would find us.  Careful readers of this blog might have noticed that we while we were at the Ostrich Sagra, we saw a picture of a promising dog who was living in a rescue kennel.  Well, it took a few days to get there for a visit.  And then the folks who run the rescue kennel had to come out and make sure we were suitable.  And finally we went to pick him up on Tuesday, July 19. 


pizza in piazza 037


For a dog who has spent most of his 3 years at a rescue kennel he seems remarkably at home on a couch as well as having very good indoor and outdoor manners. 


pizza in piazza 007


His first sagra.  Dogs are welcome here in many places so we want him to get used to going places and riding in the car.  It has been a delight to watch him develop confidence, lose anxieties and enjoy more and more activities with us.


piazza sagra, august 2011 035


The farm is not fenced and I am not sure that he will ever be able to be in outside without being on a lead.  Too many bugs, birds, cats, deer and other things catch his attention and he would just run off chasing after something.  But he doesn’t seem to mind walking on a lead or being tethered to something while we are sitting outside. 


I thought long and hard about getting another dog.  I mean, I will very probably be at least 70 years old before he dies.  But now that he is here I wonder why I had doubts or waited.  But I know I waited to find just the right dog and Nerone certainly is.  Physically and with all his mannerisms he reminds us so much of Siena.  It really is like having a young Siena back in our lives.  But he is his own dog also.  All of us are looking forward to a long, happy future together.



  1. sherrie and Franco

    Awww.. he is handsome and so glad you found him or he found you! and so glad you were able to give him a home out of the shelter..I am sure Siena is happy and wondered why it took you so long! we waited a year almost to the day.. Tessa is a young version of Boomer and such company .. we are moving her with us when we move to Italia.. more on that later!!
    ciao!! see my FB posts for pict of Tessa

  2. What a cutie! I’m very happy for all three of you:)

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