Our fav, the pizza sagra in Marciano, the first trip

Several posts today since there were none yesterday.  We lost our internet connection, not unusual but for longer than normal.



One of our favorite sagras of the season is the pizza one in Marciano ( not to be confused with Manciano, just down the road a bit where the ostrich sagra is).  The pizza sagra goes on for several weeks and we usually go to it several times.  This was our first trip with our guests Donnie and Kelly.


piazza sagra, august 2011 002


Then we were joined by Jules, George, their guests and the Americans that they picked up hitch hiking.


piazza sagra, august 2011 011


So we ended up being a really big group.  It was the first night of the sagra and not too busy and we were there early so it worked out well.  And it turns out that Andy (on the left in the blue shirt) has a daughter at Meredith, the college that I graduated from in Raleigh, NC.


Okay the food!


piazza sagra, august 2011 016


Really good pizza and really good bruschetta.  HMMMMM!


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