Our fav, the pizza sagra in Marciano, the third trip

Yes we really were back again.  This time bringing our guests, Stefan and Sandra (on the left) and meeting Tania and Keith there (on the right) 


howard, margaret, august 2011 001



howard, margaret, august 2011 003


howard, margaret, august 2011 005


And look who else was there, Nerone!  Before going to the sagra, the three of us had been to play with Tania, Keith and their dog, Murphy.  Nerone did not quite understand playing with Murphy rather than trying to play with me.  But it was the first time we had done that and I think it was a confusing situation for him.  But the best thing about this sagra was that one of the volunteers from the shelter that Nerone came from was at the sagra.  They were both really happy to see each other.


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