Yellow and Green in MSS, the first time

It seems like this year all the great festas and sagras are happening all at once.  Festa GialloVerde (yellow and green) was August 3-15 in Monte San Savino.  This festa mainly supports and celebrates the soccer team.  We were excited about it this year because there were different foods being highlighted.


We were there on Thursday, August 4 with our guests, Donnie and Kelly.


piazza sagra, august 2011 021


The view from Monte San Savino from the stadium grounds where the festa is held.


I was really happy to see tagliata on the menu which is usually a NY strip steak that has been grilled and sliced, then topped with something.


piazza sagra, august 2011 025


Somehow it had been sliced the wrong way.  It was the worst piece of meat I have ever been served.  So tough!  I was really embarrassed that we had brought guests here.  Fortunately our ‘camp fire sing along’ at George and Jules’ later that evening made up for any culinary disasters. 


Bad food is one of the possibilities at these types of events.  The events are run by volunteers.  And sometimes things just don’t go to plan.  But we came back anyway the next night.  Look for another post.


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