Yellow and Green in MSS, the third time

Yes we were back again Friday, August 12 because it was fish night.  We don’t get much fish and seafood here.  So when the chance for someone else to cook it comes along we jump at it.


This time we were there with our guests, Ollie and Catherine from London (our first British guests). 


piazza sagra, august 2011 049


piazza sagra, august 2011 048



To make them feel at home we were joined by George, Howard and Margaret.  (also British)


And the seafood was awful!  I was so embarrassed.  Fortunately, Ollie is a big rugby fan and Howard is a retired professional rugby player.  So Ollie had a wonderful chat with him. 

And they enjoyed watching the dancing afterwards.  Next year this festa will not get 3 visits from us.  Rabbit night and maybe one other time.  But the food quality was disappointing.


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