You know I live in Produce Heaven

For those of you who don’t know, I am very fond of fruits and vegetables.  I think they are unrecognized jewels that are under appreciated.  If I painted, fruits or vegetables would probably be one of my favorite subjects.  Before leaving the states my 2 favorite jobs were when I helped to run the Farmers’ Markets in Northern Virginia and my last job,  purchasing groceries for classes at Northern Virginia Community College.  The last because I went to the Farmer’s Markets to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables.  Living where we are in Tuscany we have access to beautiful fruit and vegetables. 


piazza sagra, august 2011 054


I got this lot on Saturday, August 13 for 3 Euros or about $4.50.  Haven’t had the pears yet.  The figs were so-so, peaches are divine and the tomatoes are to die for.


pizza in piazza 033


Here is a plum collection I got a few weeks ago.



pizza in piazza 029


And I could have gotten this really cool watermelon in a jar!



  1. Michael

    You know I’ve travelled and lived in many parts of the world…and the one place that stands out (to me) for the best fruits and vegetables more than any other will be a surprise to you–Israel!! While I found much that I didn’t particularly like in their cuisine, the fruits and vegetables there were incredible…Their use of special drip watering and fertilizing methods grew such tasty produce…well, perhaps population growth and more mass production there in the recent decades has changed it all…it’s been about 20 years since my last trip.

  2. Michael I agree that Israel has wonderful produce also. Many times here in the winter we buy produce from Israel.

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