August weather and something besides a sagra

Do we do anything besides go out to eat at sagras and festas and clean the guest house?  Hmmm, no.  It really has turned hot (high 90s in the day and low 80s at night) since about the 10th of August.  And it has not rained.  So I guess I could add water plants to my daily activity list. 



piazza sagra, august 2011 031


It is a rough life.



Nerone is turning out to be very adaptable.  For a dog that was in a rescue kennel for several years he seems to know how to stake out a favorite place  on the couch.  At mid-day we watch Italian TV (with subtitles in Italian to help my language skills) together.  Later in the afternoon we go out to the terrace to chat with Elizabetta and water plants.  And then once the sun starts to set, I rattle a few pots and pans and throw together something to eat or we go to a sagra. 



howard, margaret, august 2011 017


At night, Nerone positions himself in front of the kitchen door, good for breezes and good for ‘dog TV’.  It is just amazing all the animals that track around out in that yard.  Thank goodness the grid work of the door is only large enough for him to get his head through.  I am waiting for Elizabetta to figure out that is all he can get through and come along and smack him on the nose. 


Yeah, it is a rough life.


I know that in a few weeks I will be whining about it being cold in the kitchen.  But right now it has not been less than 80 degrees in the kitchen for over 15 days.  That would be why I don’t make jellies, jams, can vegetables or anything else that requires boiling water for a prolonged period of time. 


And I am reading books at an alarming rate.  Four or five a week.  Thank goodness I have a library card.  I just finished listening to The Help and hope to some how see the movie.  Currently I am listening to The Making of a Royal Romance, William, Harry and Catherine, the Future Queen of England.   I assume that the PDF version had pictures and I am sorry that I didn’t download it that way.


So that’s the wrap up for the summer.  I am sorry to see the season change but really will welcome a rain or two and some cooler weather.


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  1. Jenni Harrison

    Missy, I just finished reading The Help as well. The book club here in Lewisporte, Newfoundland just had that as our book of the month. I loved it and I also, cannot wait for the movie! Jenni

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