Porcini in Cortona

This is another one of the sagras that we look forward to.  Porcini are large cultivated mushrooms.  They are used in risottos, stewed, as a topping for meats and the best way  of all, fried.

The sagra in Cortona is a big event held in the public park for 2 days only.  We were there on Saturday, August 20.  By ourselves!


howard, margaret, august 2011 021


Reject stems


howard, margaret, august 2011 022

The trimming ladies.  Behind them are the big pans used to fry the porcini.



howard, margaret, august 2011 023


It was hot, but Ben found a breezy corner.


howard, margaret, august 2011 024


This year in addition to the fried porcini I tried the zuppa di porcini (yes I know, hot soup when it is over 90 degrees).  I was disappointed in it.  It was bland, needed a little salt, maybe some olive oil…


The fried porcini (sorry no picture) were outstanding!  Hot, crisp but moist on the inside.  The best ever.  We were sitting at a table with one of the organizers and his daughter was serving all of us.  So that might be why we got such good fried ones.  Who knows?  


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