Vendemmia! Part 1

For years I have been asking our friends, George and Jules, to let me know when they were going to harvest their grapes because I wanted to help.  Finally this year they remembered to tell me.  So on Friday, September 23 I was over at their place to pick. 


Through the summer we have watched the grapes grow plump, and become like deep purple jewels on the vines.


georges grapes 008


The weather was almost perfect for picking.  Not too hot, just a light breeze and sunny.


georges grapes 023


George and his friend Enzo (above)  tend the vines and keep down the weeds so picking is not too bad.  Most of the grapes are about 4 feet off the ground so there is not much stooping and bending.  The hardest part is when a cluster of grapes has grown around the wire and it takes two hands to remove it.  Inevitably some of the fruit falls to the ground and is wasted.   My mother would have so enjoyed seeing the harvest process.  And I could just hear her, “ohhh, look under the leaves.  Don’t miss that bunch!”


georges grapes 015


Here’s the picking crew.  From the left, Ed, Carol, George holding Annabella, Jules, Renata and Enzo.  Missing is Marge who was standing beside me taking pictures also. 


Look for part 2


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  1. Great grape harvest posts, busy times indeed, I have also enjoyed your recent sunset photos. Mother Nature has certainly blessed us with some beautiful skies this month.

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