4th Anniversary Party

Of course our 4th anniversary could not pass without food, friends and wine.  I made pulled pork BBQ in my slow cooker and a big bowl of slaw.  All we needed was sweet tea and James Taylor and it could have passed for North Carolina. 


anniversary, debby and pat, prato 006


Joining us to celebrate from the left were Carol, Ed Ben (at the end if the table) George (Jules always seems to be in England when this happens), Tania and Keith.


anniversary, debby and pat, prato 003


Tania and Keith, who export olive oil to the US, gifted us with a bottle of the olive oil that has recently been shipped to the US.  It won a silver medal at the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition.  Quite an honor.  Here is their site if you are interested in buying some oil.  http://www.lartedellolivo.com/


Again no food pics.  I’m telling you this camera thing is driving me crazy!



  1. you guys finish all the wines?

  2. I think all except what was in the plastic bottle and that went home with someone.

  3. Jane

    Gee… someone wonderful must have given you the slow cooker pulled pork seasonings:)… We had the same meal the other night as well!
    Halloween is coming ..parade on the 26th we’ll have a beverage in your honor

  4. You are so right someone wonderful did send me the seasonings. Watch for an upcoming post about ‘The Boots’. Made a note of the parade date. I know that attending that is what will be keeping you from joining us in Nice the next day.

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