Cesa Sagra

(part of the catching up on sagras series.  Soon to be caught up and almost over for the year)


Cesa, a town on the other side of the Autostrada from Monte San Savino has a big festa di Santa Lucia in early September.  We used to go to it because we had discovered a seafood vendor who sold fried seafood that was really good.  That was pretty much the only reason that we went.  And this year we didn’t go because we have found the good seafood market in Sinalunga and we just drive down there occasionally and eat lunch there.  

However this year we were mailed a flyer for the first annual goose sagra in Cesa, the weekend of September 8-11, after the big festa di Santa Lucia.  And thank goodness we had adventurous guests, Leen and Daniel who wanted to come along. 


how to park, sept 2011 017


Here they are.


how to park, sept 2011 018


And here is Ben next to Daniel.  I have been having camera issues so there are no pictures of the food.  Sorry.  But it was a good sagra.  We had pizza which was good.  We’ll go back next year.


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