Polenta in Rigutino

The first year that we lived here we came to this sagra with my cousin, Jeannie, her husband and friends Art and Barb who lived nearby in Umbria.  Art and Barb have since moved back to Kentucky.  Jeannie has divorced her husband and moved from Delaware to Chicago.  But we remain here, in Tuscany.  Still going to the same sagras.  Does that make us dull?



judy burks, john rumble 012

Wine bottled for the sagra


Rigutino is a small town in the valley that does a great sagra of polenta based dishes.  Polenta is coarsely ground corn meal that is cooked in water to make either a soft porridge type of dish that is topped with different sauces.  Or…




judy burks, john rumble 013


(Typical way to cook polenta, in a large copper kettle)


judy burks, john rumble 014


it is cooked longer, allowed to cool then cut in slices and fried, or baked with cheese on top like this.  Hmmm, it was gorgonzola cheese.  


The interesting thing about this evening was that sitting at the communal table with us was a group of Italians who were deaf.  Many years ago, I worked at the North Carolina School for the Deaf and know some sign language.  I watched them sign and they used the same signs that I know but their mouths shaped Italian words to match the signs rather than the English words.  I guess Helen Keller lives on here too.


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  1. sherrie and franco

    oooouu!! that looks good!! I have yet to make polenta.. but with the gorgonzola cheese.. it looks very yummy!!!
    thats interesting same signs for English and Italian..

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