Nice Visit, the food we ate, Part 1

I’m weaving in posts about our trip to Nice, France at the end of October along with other posts from October about things that happened here in Italy.  I have to make this backlog of posts last since we have entered the ‘ain’t nothing happening here’ season, when some days we don’t even leave the house.


You don’t really have to read these in order.  One of the main things we wanted to do when visiting Nice was eat anything except Italian food.  And we did.  We ate a lot of Asian food.  The best being at Mad’ in Viet, 2 Place Saetone, Nice  Phone 04 93 87 47 55.  Near the train station, a small place that fills up  quickly. 


Nice oct 2011 045

Traditional Vietnamese noodle salad (bun).  There are salad greens below topped with cool noodles then grilled beef and egg rolls.  Served with a light fish sauce vinegar dressing.  Ben enjoyed his heavily sauced tender ribs.


Nice oct 2011 018

Same dish as above but at the Thai place Aroy Thai near the water and old town market.  Not nearly as good.


Nice oct 2011 035


Crazy Wok.  Not that good. 


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