Happy Thanksgiving!

In case I forget later on this week.




blue notte, porchini, alvin 012


blue notte, porchini, alvin 014


My flock of turkeys that became cards mailed by our last set of guests when they returned to the US. 



And now a Thanksgiving story.  The last Thanksgiving that we celebrated in the US was at my cousin Bonnie’s house in Ocean City, NJ with all the cousins, Aunts and Uncles. 


Earlier in the week, before we arrived, Pete, Bonnie’s wonderful husband, decided to smoke one of the turkeys.  Using a recipe he had found in The Washington Post he brined and rubbed the bird and put it out on the grill.  Bonnie and Aunt Mary were sitting inside at the windows overlooking the deck when they noticed alot of smoke coming from the grill.  (now keep in mind I was not there but I have visited there long enough to know exactly what was said and how it all played out)  Bonnie said “Honeeee, there’s a lot of smoke coming from the grill”  Pete (upstairs, but able to see the smoke rising)  “Don’t worry Bon, it is supposed to smoke.”  Minutes pass.  Aunt Mary mutters something to Bonnie about so much smoke.  Bonnie:  “Pete!  I really think you should check the turkey.”  Pete, who is always very calm, in control, nothing much ruffles him, comes down stairs with their dog Shelby click, click clicking along on the hardwood floor.  Pete gets his manly BBQ tools including a large fork (you know one of those long, wooden handled kind) and goes out. 

Bonnie and Aunt Mary turn their attention to the deck.  Pete opens the grill.  A cloud of smoke envelopes him.  When it clears there is Pete holding the BBQ fork upright like an umbrella (or a Japanese tour leader)  with a flaming turkey on top of it and the dog madly barking. 



chino, pete's turkey 004


And all it takes, is for me to look at this picture of the two turkeys, to start laughing and remembering what a great and fun family I have.  And that is part of what Thanksgiving is about.  

Ben and I will be with Tania, Keith, her parents and lots of other folks enjoying a big expat Thanksgiving.  Have a great time where ever you are.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Debbie

    that is just toooo funny! I could picture the whole thing in my head from your description. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

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