First Oil

On Sunday, October 23, we whisked our newly arrived guests (see another post about ‘last guests’) off to Policiano to an olive oil mill that holds an open house.  The mill is open so that you can see how clean and modern it is and the whole process of pressing olives to make oil, and try and taste oil from different producers.


blue notte, porchini, alvin 039


blue notte, porchini, alvin 040


blue notte, porchini, alvin 042

And you can also buy oil.  Which our guests did.  I hope that can of oil made it home safely. 


This is very well organized and the family that runs the mill is very welcoming, even of obvious tourists.  We went last year and were so happy to go again.  I think it is the type of activity that we can occasionally offer to our guests, that perhaps they would not go to otherwise. 


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  1. Michael

    Oh gosh, I broke down and ordered some of Keith’s new olive oil. And there is a she-she olive oil and balsamic vinegar store just down the street from me in Shirlington. But Keith’s a good guy and I enjoy reading his Facebook postings! As for American “Italian” restaurants doing that “oil” thing…well remember I’ve had pizza in New York City better than most that I ate in all of Italy…so things can be adopted (and improved!). Perhaps some day in Italy, they’ll decide they like American bagels and you’ll find a bagel bakery there making better ones than our nearby Wegmans…

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