Blu Notte, First Visit

Jules and George, in addition to holding out about Poggio in San Pancrazio were also holding out about Blu Notte in Albergo.  I’ll cut some slack.  It is true they had not been there, only heard about it.  It is down in the valley, more or less half way between us.


blue notte, porchini, alvin 006


We were a big group there on Thursday, October 20th with Ed and Carol, their friends and George and Jules.  Note Ben giving George ‘devil horns’.  And note the young women in the background.  What fun, we were there for a 12 year birthday party of a young Italian woman.  They made the large table of English speakers seem quiet.


blue notte, porchini, alvin 009


The pizzas are HUGE!  Very thin crust and well prepared.  I think we’ll be back.


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