This is what I don’t understand

For at least 10 days now our internet connection has been really difficult.  Which is why I have not been posting anything.  I simply could not.  Everything I tried to post would fail.  And the poor internet connection has been driving me crazy.  It is the time of the month to pay our VISA.  The only bill I have to arrange payment for.  And I still do that because sometimes money comes from this account or that account.  So it takes some arranging and checking the accounts and shuffling money and all this rif raf.  Only one payment at a time can be scheduled.  So it normally takes me about 10 days to do it.  Shuffle money, make a payment. Schedule another payment.   Whatever… this month I was in a real panic because the internet was so squirrely.  It is on and then boom it is gone.  On a perfectly clear, sunny day.  My time on the internet has been devoted entirely to getting that VISA bill paid.  Even to the point of making Ben get off the internet so that I could coax the payments to go.  And getting up early before all of America wakes up and gets on the internet.  Honestly, the few emails I have had to send have taken an average of 30 minutes each to send.  Hit send…watch it fail..hit send again… watch it fail.  You know, that type of fun.


So now explain this.  Here at 8:00 at night or 2:00 PM east coast time in the US  I have just posted to my blog.  Something I have had a really hard time doing for 10 days.  And there have been and still are gale force winds and horizontal rain going on right outside my door.  But did my connection falter?   Nope!  Zippo off went the two posts.  Sometimes things are just a mystery.


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