Look what the mail brought, part 1

We seem to only get mail on Mondays.  We don’t get much mail anyway but rarely is there anything in our mailbox on any other day but Monday.  And this Monday was no exception.  Three Christmas cards.  Our first one actually came last Monday, from my friend Roberta, then the one from my Aunt Pauline who has to make a trip to a card shop or someplace to get the ‘for my special niece and her husband card’.  That always touches me as so thoughtful and ‘special’.  And one from our friend Ellen in Virginia.  The sphere in the middle is like a snow globe, but it collapses flat to fit in an envelope, from my cousin Ann. 



december 2011 047


december 2011 048


Snow globe close up.  Of course I am enchanted and fascinated by it.  And now want to make some of my own.  (Elizabetta has yet to see it but I am sure she will think that I should feature her in whatever I make.)


december 2011 049


If you are interested this is how it looks from above.  Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure if I make one similar and it looks half way decent I’ll write something about it.


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  1. sherrie and franco

    that globe is so cool!! I would like to know how you make them! we are sending out cards.. did you get ours from last year? I am sending it to the same address so hopefully you did!

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