Look what the mail brought, part 2

A cook book!  Back in September, over the phone, I could tell that my friend BK was frazzled.  She told me all about the cookbook that she was helping her church put together.  She was editing and proof reading.  I said, well if it’s online I can help.  She has never sent an email to me so fast with all the details I needed to log on and start proof reading. 


I learned general proof reading from an attorney, Dave Massey.   I worked with him at the North Carolina Office of the Secretary of State.  I learned recipe editing from Chef Linda Ruiz and our department head, Janet Sass at the Hospitality Management Department of Northern Virginia Community College.  Ohhh, I ripped through these recipes.  I especially remember course instead of coarse to describe salt.  And until you live outside the US you might not have any idea all the different sizes that canned food can come in.  So 1 large can of tomatoes in the US might not be equal to 1 large can of tomatoes in Italy. 


Anyway the book made it through.  Has been printed and delivered.  In three weeks time, 600 of the first printing of 800 have been sold.



december 2011 050


I really like the way it turned out.  The cover is ‘plasticized’ and sturdy.  It is ring bound so pages can be removed and it came with a handy dandy stand (see last photo).  Inside besides the many, many recipes are lots of good general knowledge cooking and serving tips that are very useful.


december 2011 051


I might have contributed the Tuscan Rosemary and Pine Nut Bars.  You’ll have to buy one to see.


december 2011 052


The stand, which cleverly stores inside the book.


If you want one, send a check for $20 for the book and $5.00 for shipping and handling ($25.00 total per book) (shipping outside the US is more.  Write for a quote)  to Oxford Baptist Church, 147 Main Street, Oxford, NC 27565. 



  1. How clever that it has its own stand. Have a good Christmas and New Year I look forward to following you in 2012.

  2. Thanks Linda, been having major internet problems. AHHHHHH! Hope you have a nice holiday.

  3. Michael

    Do you feel this cookbook is “extra” special? In my kitchen remodeling last summer, I threw away 2 shelves of accumulated cookbooks (actually donated them to the library). I’ve resisted collecting them again, but if you feel I could make lots of the recipes with ease and get raves, perhaps I’ll break down!!

  4. BK

    Martha, aka Missy, thanks again for all your help in proofing “A Cup of Christian Welcome”. We are receiving wonderful compliments on the book. Many people have talked about how much they enjoyed reading the book while others have raved about the recipes. Thank goodness you asked, “Who the h— is Arthur Smith?” That one question lead to notes attached to many of the recipes. You are a true friend! Thanks.
    P.S. Have you found your thank you hidden in the book?

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