Finally, Christmas Lunch

After several years of eating Christmas and Easter lunches at Il Cacciatore we were ready for a change.  Our friends, Dinah and Allen who spend some time in Lucignano suggested a restaurant near their home,  La Rocca.  ( La Rocca, Porta San Giovanni, Lucignano, phone 0575 836 775,  So we joined them and another friend, Peter who also lives in Lucignano.



gospel, christmas lunch 2011 067


Allen and Peter


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 069


Dinah and Ben


Our meal was great.  We had a choice of a fixed, holiday menu or ordering from the regular menu.  We all choose to do the latter.  It was really hard to make a choice.  And I am sorry that I did not take more pictures.    And it is a seasonal menu, using what is available now.  All the pastas were good.  All our second courses were good too. 


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 070


And here is the only food picture.  Grilled veg.  Potatoes, peppers, artichokes, zucchini and pumpkin or winter squash. 


It is moderately priced but very worth it for the quality of food and presentation.  Thanks Dinah and Allen for taking us there.


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