Nerone Goes to College

nov 2011 meredith lunch 046


“I have my seat belt on, I’m ready… what’s the hold-up?”


And we were off to Sancepolcro, about an hour and a half away from us.  The womens’ college that I graduated from, Meredith, in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a year round, self contained, study abroad program.  I can not say enough good things about this program.  If you are a parent or a relative of a young woman in or about to go to college , the adjective from above that you should note is self contained.  That means that the class rooms, the dining hall and the dorms are all on 2 floors of a palazzo that has keypad locks on it, in a small town where everyone knows the American students.  Among the study abroad programs here in Italy I believe that it is very unique for the safety and security that is provided, yet the program encourages independent travel and exploration.  I wish that something like this had been available when I first went to college at a traditional age (18, you remember that don’t you?).  For no more cost than a regular semester at Meredith, a full semester of classes are offered, with classes that can be used towards most degrees.  A link to the program.   Click on the picture of Venice at the right to get to more specifics about the program in Sancepolcro.


I love following the journals that the students keep.  Each semester the director invites Ben and I over to meet the students and have lunch.  And this time I asked if Nerone could come along.  I know that when I was that age I would have soooo missed my dog.  Nerone was happy to come along and be a ‘therapy dog’.  I think he harbored secret hopes that one of the young students would return with us.  Didn’t happen.


nov 2011 meredith lunch 013


It is not often that you see Wake Forest and Sorrento sweatshirts next to each other.


nov 2011 meredith lunch 017


“Look what I found?  can she come home with us??? Please!!!!”


We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed talking with everyone.  By the time this appears on my blog the students will have returned to North Carolina.  Their magical semester abroad in Italy over.  So sad, but now they all know that they are strong, self sufficient women who can travel and figure out all kinds of things and take care of themselves.  We hope to see them here traveling again.


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