What did the restaurant look like at Christmas??????

Long time readers will remember that when we moved here, I chose to continue the tradition started by the woman who rented this house before us.  The tradition is to make centerpieces for the nearby restaurant, Il Cacciatore, for Christmas lunch, a big family occasion here in Italy. 


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 061


While this table looks like the centerpieces are so small, soon there will be platters of food here so the centerpieces have to be small.


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 062


I actually do chose a theme and color scheme, this year, Stars and basically red, green and gold.  And I do go down and show a prototype to Patrizia and Paolo well before and give them a chance to have some input.  Our first year here, I added menus and Paolo wrote the name of the party at the table on the menu.  I was horrified and realized that I needed to make reservation cards.  He still will not let me print the family name on the card, preferring instead to scrawl it on there.  But whatever…


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 063


There are few hobby/craft supply places here in Italy.  (0ne of those things that I miss)  When we were back in the states I bought 2 die cutters with stars. The one that cut single stars (see the red star popping out of the centerpiece in the second picture)  broke… fortunately I had cut enough but it still irritated me to no end since these die cutters are not inexpensive.  So I don’t know if I will buy a MARVY Uchida again.  However the Martha Stewart border cutter (that made the bottom border on the menu) was easy to use and did not break!  I was really tickled to find the plastic star at the top of the menu at OBI here in Arezzo.  Strangely they only came in shades of purple but I was able to spray paint them gold. And the cutout part of the star reflected the border of the menu.  For some of you this might not seem like much, but here, where the choices and supplies available are so meager, it is a big success to pull off a color, theme and actually have it tie together well.

To some extent it was a “green” centerpiece.  The gold triangle sticking out of the centerpiece was cut from the paper trays that we receive when we buy pastry for our guests.  I just cut them up.  The little round gold containers that held rosemary were recycled cat food cans.  Elizabetta did her part by eating a can of food everyday so that I would have enough.  (She confided in me today that she thinks she might need to cut back.  Oh my goodness, she might have gained a bit of weight.)  And the red ‘ribbon’ was made from recycled plastic bags.  I got a spool of red, yellow and green when we were in New Orleans last winter.    



And for those of you who want to read the menu


Pranzo di Natale

Antipasto Toscano

Penne alla Boscaiola  (wild and farmed mushrooms)

Tagliatelle Cinghiale (pasta with wild boar sauce)

Rosticciana, Salisiccia (ribs, sausage)

Cinghiale in Tavola, Tagliata  (wild boar stew (I think), sliced NY strip steak)

Insalata, Patate (salad, French fries)

Dolce e Spumante (desert, fizzy white wine)

Dicembre 25, 2011


So where are the pictures of the food…  Look for another post about Christmas lunch.


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  1. Nice pictures and as usual, very nice to hear from you Marta and Ben.
    Happy New year!!
    Love, Natacha (from Madrid)

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