Torpedoed by a Boar

For those of you who don’t know, we live in the country.  Almost the middle of nowhere, but not quite.  It is not unusual for us to see all sorts of wildlife.  Even with the good dog Nerone around, the pushy deer still come wandering through the yard like they own the place.  You might recall the wild boar sightings that I wrote about during the summer.  Evidence of them in the yard has dropped off as it usually does during the winter.  Who knows why, maybe they all do the snowbird thing and go south to Sicily for the winter.  But some are still around.


So on the last Sunday night in November, as we were returning from our Thanksgiving celebration in Cortona, less than a half of a mile from our house, (right before the trash bin and our neighbor’s drive, for those of you who know) we felt this giant thud against the driver’s side of the car.  Well of course, Ben and I both screamed and looked at each other.  Then we went THUMP THUMP running over something.  More screaming!  I stopped and did a quick 3 point turn on one of the few straight stretches of the road and drove back to the scene.  NOTHING!  No body!  No stain!  NOTHING! 




car boar accident 001


car boar accident 002


Daylight, the next day, revealed that the car had been torpedoed  by a boar.  Pretty sure it was a boar not a deer.  When deer cross the road, they come out, catch the headlights, freeze, then dart about.  Boars just plow right on through like a torpedo.  And what ever we ran directly over was BIG.  Really big like a double or triple size speed bump.    


Anyway.  the bumper is cracked in 3 places, along with the lens cover of the headlight.  (of course it was the less than a year old brand new  300 Euro replacement headlight.  Not the old one)  And there might be internal damage.  Too soon to tell but evidently no damage to the boar or should I say RHINO!


Update:  Work on repairs is scheduled to start on January 9.  Finally!!


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