Italian Census

We had been seeing some chat about the Italian census on the Expat sites that we read and there were ads on TV about it.  It seemed that it was supposed to be filled out on October 9.  October came and still no form.  Finally it arrived, addressed to Ben.  Hello!…  I’m the citizen not him.  But in the eyes of the census folks and our town of Monte San Savino, Ben is the head of the household.  So it came addressed to him. 


nov 2011 meredith lunch 056


There was the many page form, an instruction booklet and a letter explaining why it should be filled out and how the info would be used.   All in Italian, of course.  Fortunately one of those Expat sites had a link to the info in English.  Here it is if you want to see the questions on the form.


The most interesting questions were about the size of the house that we live in and the type of energy that we use.  The hardest to fill out were about our education. 

It took me about an hour to fill out the form.  I could have done it online but lately our internet connection has been coming and going.  I would have hated to have started filling out the form and then lose the link before I finished.  So I took our completed form down to the post office and waited while …


oil bottling cards oics again 001


the nice postal lady printed the receipt for us.  I took the receipt and have now filed it away.  We do try to be good citizens. 


And in case anyone from the Italian census is reading, here a picture of the 3 souls living in this house on October 9, 2011.  (Elizabetta elected not to be part of this.  You know she has her own place)


christmas pics third time 008


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