Snow and Car Update

Well, it is still cold here.  No melting has happened.  I finally got so bored that I cleaned.  (Jane! Help!)  It is supposed to snow more.

On Monday, January 30th I dropped the car off to be fixed.  They wanted it on Tuesday but I was afraid of being caught in snow so I took it on Monday and picked up our 30 Euro a day rental.  Indeed it started Tuesday, but late enough that I could have gone over that day.  It snowed Tuesday and half of Wednesday.  With lots of wind and lots of drifting.  The actual snowfall comes halfway up to my knee.  The drifts come all the way up my thigh.  The deep part is deeper than the dog.  He makes me walk first and ‘plow’ a path.  Then he leaps with his claws coming down on the back of my legs as I move forward.  I don’t go out without a cane because there is no definition to the landscape.  Sometimes I am walking in 10 inches of snow and the next step I will be 30 inches.  And with a dog landing on my legs, the cane really helps.

No melting has gone on.  None at all.  Normally snow here lasts 1 maybe 2 days.  Not this time.  It is all still here and shifting around like sand in a desert storm.  The paths that Nerone and I ‘plowed’ yesterday have partially filled again.  And imagine our surprise when going out today our path of yesterday was bisected by one belonging to someone/something??? else.  I’m thinking it was an animal.  If it wasn’t, then we have someone living in the woods.  There were no discernable footprints.  The wind is so constant and the snow shifts so much that after an hour any footprints are gone.

So, dear Nicola, of the car dealership, called me.  The problem with the car has been diagnosed, all the fuel injectors and something else that he couldn’t explain in English.  But 900 Euros worth.  Because of the snow they hope to have the parts and have it fixed by Tuesday.  It was supposed to be fixed by today, Friday.  So instead of a 4 day 30 Euro a day rental we now have an 8 day 30 Euro a day rental.  A rental that is just sitting at the end of the drive in ‘snow position’ ready to let gravity roll it down to the road.  The only problem being the snow is higher than the front of the car and the crap that the plow pushed up is really high.  Hopefully our neighbor Alessio will be over with his tractor to clear the lower part of the drive.  But he said he is hesitant to come out again with his tractor.  Yesterday while he was out helping someone, I think nearer to town, he was called over to help pull the tractor of the town of Monte San Savino out since it was stuck.  That just gives me such a good feeling about the competence of our town.  They had the good sense to call Alessio. 


I did make a stop at the Esselunga on Monday before we came home.  So we are okay for food.  And all those folks that laugh at my well stocked cantina, well this is the reason why, between the cantina and the freezer we are doing pretty well.  Elizabetta is in her room with her 7 day feeder.  But she said today when I went in to check on her that she had been calling for room service for several hours and ‘what had taken me so long??????’  The problem is the trash and the ashes from the stuffa.  Normally, we drop the trash off at a bin on the way to town.  There is no outside trash can, simply because animals would always be in it.  But there is no way I can get there.  We have closed off Ben’s office since it is the coldest room in the house so maybe I will just put the bag of trash in there until Tuesday.  It is probably less than 50 degrees in there.  Finally today I just stood outside in the wind and let the ashes from the stuffa fly.  Our black snow is very dramatic. 


So now as I write at 6 PM it is 21 degrees outside which is really cold for here and 54 degrees in the kitchen, 58 in the living room.  (it could be warmer but we can’t really afford for it to be warmer)  I saw the sun for about 10 minutes today.  Monday, the sun is supposed to be out again.  It won’t be too soon.


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  1. Sherrie and FRanco

    Wow!! do they have as much snow as you guys do down in MSS? They are showing in the news that Roma has snow too.. but not as much as you guys I dont think,,

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