At last, I have found butter heaven!!!

Before we returned home from our trip to Nice we made a stop at CarreFour.  Besides wine,  I bought butter.  I was most interested in this package of butter, clearly with salt (not just salt but sea salt) in it.  Here in Italy there are only a few brands of butter that have salt in them.  And even then, the butter is not that good.  So I saved this, to have on Christmas Eve with lobster.  I really don’t know what I expected when I opened the package but I knew it would have salt.


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 064


Well look…


gospel, christmas lunch 2011 065


What looks like cooties in the butter is actually grains of sea salt.  Oh my, and is this good…..  well what do you think?   The salt crystals go away when melted, so it is best spread on toast or in a potato rather than melted to dip lobster in or poured over popcorn. 


One of those products that I will remember and that we will stock up on when we visit CarreFour again.


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