Finally, a sewing machine

Remember back in the spring when our friends, Dinah and Allen, allowed me to scarf things out of the ‘new to them part of their house’ and I moaned and groaned about washing and ironing linens.  Well I sold those linens and many other things accumulating a tidy nest egg.  In October I broke down and bought a new set of orthotics for my shoes with some of the money.   Not very glamorous so I didn’t write about that but they sure make my feet and legs fell better.  Since spring I have been considering a sewing machine.  A number of pieces of clothing needed patching or hemming or repair.  There is a woman in town who does this but that costs money.  I knew a sewing machine would be worthwhile. 


I had noticed that normally machines would go on sale in September so I decided to wait to buy but to start looking around.  The big box stores each had a different model of Singer, in the box, no touching or trying out.  I turned to the Singer web site and even sent them an email asking for some more info but received no reply!   So I asked my friend BK who helped me to understand the difference between mechanical and electronic machines.  That helped narrow the choices and I decided on just a basic mechanical model with a few preprogrammed stitches.  Eventually I found the Singer dealer in Arezzo and managed to get there and see what he had to offer.  The man must not be completely Italian because he was really interested in showing me all the different machines and in trying to ‘upsell’ me to a fancier model.  (Many Italian shopkeepers do not go out of their way to be overly helpful when someone is trying to make a significant purchase.  We experienced this when we shopped for cars and when we shopped for the stuffa… They are not rude, just not overly informative)  Back home again to check the web site and read about the models that he had to sell.


Well, it took 4 more weeks before I could get back to Arezzo and buy the machine and here it is.


new years eve 2011, fog 030


I have had such fun.  I’ve hemmed.  I’ve repaired.  All that has given me such a sense of accomplishment and there is a larger stack of clothes for me to wear now.  So as they say on PBS.. ‘Funding provided by the Dinah and Allen Collection’. 


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