Internet in Italy

Let me just say this right at the beginning…for anyone moving here… there is no one choice for an internet connection.  It really does depend on where your house is and how many trees there are and which way the house faces and blah blah blah.


When we moved here in 2007 it took us several months to get a connection.  Our neighbor Alessio got a connection from the same provider.  It has worked reasonably well until October or so.  Then it started to drop the connection every few minutes.  That is really annoying if you are trying to do anything like pay a credit card bill or send a scanned document or post a blog entry with more than 3 pictures.  It was doing the same thing to Alessio.  All the more difficult for him since his wife teaches a class using SKYPE and the connection kept getting dropped.  Alessio had the provider out to fix his connection.  They charged him 200 Euros and it was not any better!  

Last summer, two men had driven up and dropped off a flyer for internet service from Eutalia.  (back story:  In 2007 we drove to the Eutalia office in Arezzo and begged them to connect us since they provide the connection to the village of Gargonza, a mile or so away.  But noooo, they couldn’t be bothered with the 20 or so private houses up here that had no connection.  Now all of a sudden they are driving up and dropping of flyers????)  So I gave the flyer to Alessio.  With me bugging him and his wife bugging him, he was motivated.  He signed up.  (the procedure is to sign a contract, give your bank info so the installation and monthly fees can be deducted and then they come out and hook you up.)  The guys appeared and hooked him up and then came to us to see if we could get a signal.



mousetrap, internet connection 017


On the roof trying for a signal.


mousetrap, internet connection 018


“What do you think Ben?  I can bark at them if it will help.”




mousetrap, internet connection 019


Well the long and short of it is that we face the wrong way and there are too many trees and hills and we can’t get their signal.  But they did try. 


So now we are going to try FlyNet.  We drove to Arezzo, found the office, signed up, agreed to pay a new installation fee and are just waiting for them to come out and see.  It is supposed to take at least 30 days.  But our neighbor on the other side, Luciano has FlyNet and it works well for him.  He says he is able to watch things on YouTube without any loading delays.  I would be happy if I could just get my emails anytime I wanted, forget YouTube.


Anyway, Alessio’s service is so fast that Ben and I have joked that he should mount an antenna on his donkey and we could probably tap into it.  If we can hear his donkey why can’t we get a signal?????


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