Nerone’s Letter

Imagine my surprise when I found this draft on my computer.  Evidentially, Nerone’s fake disgust of my laptop was a disguise for his ability to use MS Word.  It appears that he was writing a letter to his friends at the rescue kennel where we got him from 6 months ago.  I have cleaned it up a little so here it is..


Hey Fellas,

      I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you when I visited in December.  I told these people that I live with now that we were too late but of course they didn’t listen to me.  Mauro was happy to see me.

gospel, christmas lunch 2011 073

(Editor’s note:  Nerone with Mauro, a volunteer at the rescue kennel)


      Wow, my life has really changed since I last saw you.  The people who choose me, My Ben and She Who Must Be Obeyed live on a farm near Gargonza. I think I went hunting there once a long time ago.    I go to work everyday guarding the farm.  I have a great place to work, a nice big, sunny terrace with a shady tree to sit under when I get too hot.  It is a nice big farm but Boy! they really needed me.  All kinds of folks come wandering through like they own the place.  Bike riders, pony trekkers, mushrooms hunters, hunter hunters, wild boar, that cat Socks, the sheep, dogs that live nearby and deer, deer, deer.  They drive me crazy!!!!!.  SWMBO lets me bark.  Sometimes she even comes out and tells me ‘Good Boy!’  I really enjoy being out there and only come inside for breaks and to check on My Ben. He gives me treats. 


      A couple times a week I take a break from guarding the farm and take a ride with My Ben and SWMBO while they go places. She makes me wear a seat belt … but I have the whole back seat to myself.  Sometimes we drive past Lucignano and go to this great seafood place in Sinalunga.  HMMMM, I really like fried calamari.  And then we go for a walk in the valley.  In the summer I go lots of places with them… mostly sagras and festivals and the market in Monte San Savino every Wednesday morning.  We don’t go as many places now that it is cold but that is okay.  I like guarding the farm and sitting outside.  SWMBO and I take walks every afternoon.  There is so much to see on this farm and she lets me look and sniff all I want.

      My Ben and SWMBO really treat me well.  No off the rack eats for me.  She mixes up a special blend just for me.  And I get special treats sometimes.  I’ve put on a little weight but she says I have filled out and don’t look like a puppy anymore.  And I have a water bowl in every room.  And I don’t have to share it with anyone.  And I don’t have to share my bed with anyone either.  Every night I pop up into their bed and say goodnight to My Ben before I go to my own bed and then in the morning I pop back up and snuggle with SWMBO after Ben gets up. 

      I think I am pretty lucky that I ended up with My Ben and SWMBO.  Even though they are all the time talking about some dog, Siena, but I have made it clear that while I might look like this Siena and do a lot of the same things that Siena used to do I’m my own dog.  They picked me out from my picture.  So fellas, here’s my advice, when they take your picture make sure to look really good. 

      Whoops, they are about to come back home now so I have to stop.  Maybe, I’ll get to see you again next time.


international market 2011 007


Here I am livin’ the high life with My Ben.


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