Really, a better mouse trap

On this property that we rent is a garage.  The owners of the house keep their car in the garage so that they will have a car when they are here visiting.  There is no reason for me to go in the garage so whatever goes on in there goes unnoticed. 


Two years ago, when Richard (one of the owners of the farm) came to visit and start the car it wouldn’t start.  Seems that the mice had made a feast of the wiring.  So when he returned and parked it he brought mice poison but was not happy about using it fearing that Elizabetta might get into it.  I promised to look out for her and keep her out of it.  And when he returned the next time the mice had not had a party in the garage and the car started.


A few weeks ago I was in the garage and noticed some mouse droppings so we went to OBI (the Home Depot of Italy) to see what the poison choices were. 



mousetrap, internet connection 020


I found these.  A well designed product (from my point of view, not a mouse’s)  The bait is contained, Elizabetta would really have to make a lot of effort to get to it.  All that has to be done is to open the flaps at each end and set it in the garage. 



mousetrap, internet connection 021


There was a plastic flap here were the arrow is. 


It has only been out a few days.  I’ll have to go back soon and see if anyone has taken the bait.


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