When is this snow going away?

snow 2012 026


Nerone has been very good about the snow but it is starting to get on his last nerve.  He is normally outside everyday for most of the day but the snow is deeper than he is tall so he has spent 5 days inside, going out only for QUICK, QUICK walks.  And I have the nerve to expect him to share the couch and blankets. 


alessio, snow 2012 004


Thank goodness Alessio and his tractor came and plowed a ‘great white way’ for us.  Here he is in his tractor by the 30 Euro a day rental car that has been sitting there and now won’t start because it is soooo cold.


alessio, snow 2012 005


Our ‘great white way’.  Probably too hard for Ben to walk since you have no idea of the depth of the snow.  Sometimes it is 2 inches and sometimes 6 inches.  But it has certainly made it easier for Nerone and I to take walks.  If I want to get the car up here I will have to put the chains on but then once I get to the road I won’t need them.  Ben doesn’t need to go anywhere until Friday, the 10th and hopefully by then, some of this will have melted.


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