Annalisa Visit

Ben’s younger daughter, Annalisa, is visiting with us for a few days.  You might remember her as the adventurous one, who is a writer and can work from anywhere as long as she has a good internet connection.  She was recently in Mexico and is now on her way to Asia.  She cleverly arranged her ticket with a stop over in Rome so that she could visit with us. 


Being her father’s daughter and interested in food we have eaten out several times and tried to include our friends so that she could meet them.  First there was a lunch at Menchetti, the bakery that we like, in the valley .


annalisa visit and nice 002 


Joining us were George and Jules and Grace.  (we have just met Grace, more about her in another post)


annalisa visit and nice 007


Ben, Grace and Jules.  (Sorry George, lighting was tricky and it was hard to get everyone in the shot.)


As always, lunch there was good.


annalisa visit and nice 008


I had what was more or less a chef’s salad.


annalisa visit and nice 009


Annalisa had one of the homemade pastas with a spicy tomato sauce.


One night we joined Paolo and Patrizia at Il Cacciatore.  Paolo insisted that Annalisa join him for a grappa.


annalisa visit and nice 016


Annalisa at the bar with Paolo and Aura.  Sorry, no food pictures from that meal but we each had a pasta, wine, water and shared a steak and salad.




Lunch with wine, water, coffees and desert or two it worked out to be 8.50 Euros a person.  Dinner was 50 Euros for the three of us.  You just gotta love living in the country.


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