Interesting idea

I am a sucker for a new food product.  That flag shouting ‘novita’ (new)  always works on me.  I will at least pick it up and look at it just to see what it is, and depending on price might even buy it.



new years eve 2011, fog 001


Here is my latest trial… flavoring.  Rosemary and thyme in a sort of gel that can be used to add flavor.  It is made with extra virgin olive oil, does not have any gluten or colorings.  Doesn’t say that it is vegetarian but I don’t see any animal products in the ingredients.   4 tubs in the pack.  Great smell when opened but I was underwhelmed by the taste that was added.  Not enough for me.  Maybe I should use 2 per dish????


I might buy it again and I will suggest it to guests to possibly take home, since it is small and different.  Unless there is something similar in the US that I just don’t know about yet.


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