Meeting Grace

After over 3 weeks of being house bound, Ben was able to get out and accompany me to the Esselunga after Valentine’s Day.  We met George and Jules there and had lunch in the bar and caught up since it had been several weeks since we had seen them.  While we were talking, I noticed a woman who seemed to be following our conversation; not in a rude way, but I could tell that she probably understood what we were saying.  She left without saying anything.  About a half an hour later she returned and came over and introduced herself.  Grace, lives in Marciano (town of the pizza sagra)  (as many nights as we go to that sagra I am surprized she had not seen us before)  with GianCarlo, an Italian.  Grace was born in Italy but grew up in America, lived in America and other places and has finally ended up in Marciano.  We exchanged email addresses and a few days later were delighted to receive an invitation to her house for lunch.


house in snow 2012 032


This is Grace in her Italian-American kitchen.  She calls it that since it has an island in it.  Most Italian kitchens don’t have that.


house in snow 2012 036


She has a grand collection of chickens.


house in snow 2012 038


And how could I not love this carved bird in a high niche.  Just the perfect thing for the space.


We enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  Sorry no food pics.  Busy chatting and eating.  And had a great time visiting  with Grace, Jules and George.


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