What, you think it is cold????

Ben’s daughters grew up in Maryland.  It snows there in the winter.  And gets really cold.  Now, both daughters prefer to live in warmer climates.  Annalisa was recently in Mexico.  The warm part of Mexico. 




annalisa visit and nice 015



I think she found our house to be a little chilly.  She timed her visit well.  The snow is finally all gone and temperatures have been rising to the low 60s during the day and dropping to the 40s or high 30s at night.  A lot is budding and blooming, including some early daffodils and the crocus. 


Ben and I were delighted that we had gotten the temperature up to the low 60s in the main part of the house.  I mean, really, that’s a heat wave for us.  Annalisa has been a real trooper, as long as she has her hat and wool socks she is okay.  But warmer days are in her future.


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