I was reading…

The Oxford Public Ledger, the other day.  Our official US residence is the city of Oxford, Granville County, North Carolina.  My friend BK wants to make sure that we are in touch with our community so she sends articles and even the whole paper to me occasionally.  She would be soooo happy if she thought we were moving there.

So, the front page had 5 articles of local news along with a column of shorts about things happening around Granville county.  The column and four of the five articles were continued on to another page.  The short article (front page news with a photo) was about Buddy Green winning the Ollie Bowling IV Memorial Coon Hunt.  It was a fund raising event for the Providence Volunteer Fire Department of which Ollie had been a member.  Briefly, 32 participants and 20 dogs registered.  ( did they have a separate registration desk for the dogs to sign up at?)  Buddy Green of Stem (for those of you who don’t know North Carolina, Stem’s up near the Virginia border)  (just in case you want to visit this beauty spot of North Carolina the next time you are there)  with his bluetick coonhound, Moon, won with a total weight of 38.2 pounds of raccoon.  He took home $400 and a trophy.  Second place went to Kyle Mangum (didn’t say where he’s from).  He and his two Curs, Cricket and Tink brought in 29.6 pounds of raccoon and won a 40 pound bag of dog food.  And third place was won by Daniel Short and his two Treeing Walker Coonhounds, Bell and Little Man.  Their 28.8 pounds of raccoon won them a hunting head lamp. 

Now I read all this to my dog, Nerone.  He’s an Italian dog you know.  His first question was ‘what’s a raccoon?’  (none of those nasty creatures here).  He didn’t think that 38.2 pounds was much and I should just sign him up for the next one and he’d show them North Carolina dawgs whats what.  And that dawg in the picture is scrawny!

Now back to the paper.  It is 12 pages long.  Half a page is obituaries.  Three and a half pages are classified ads, most of which are legal notices of foreclosures.  Then, there are the four fairly long religious columns, all from Christian churches, all written by women (who I suspect are white).  There is another religious column, ‘From the Bishop’s Desk’ by Bishop Garland Heggie, a young black man (he gets a picture, that is how I know that he is black) who is the Bishop of the Community Fellowship Christian Church.  Evidently, there are no Jewish or Catholic residents in Oxford or if there are, none of them can manage to write a column.    

There were school honor rolls and the Senior Center Schedule.  I was pleased to see the number of exercise, tai chi and water aerobic classes that Ben and I could take.  On the opinion page there were two opinion columns and letters to the editor all taking objection to the last column by one of these writers.  Don’t know how I feel about him, but  by and large I agreed with his current column. 

There were a lot of ads, including ones for a big gospel contest,  (you know how I love gospel music)  and a number of fund raiser bbqs and Brunswick Stew (featuring Bob Hill’s recipe) dinners.  There were  articles about the garden club and Habitat for Humanity and one about an upcoming class on how to grow specialty crops.  (I am pretty sure they did not mean marijuana) 


That was the paper.  I thought about it for a while and realized that if we moved back to Oxford, I might not fit in too well.  First off I seemed to agree with the columnist that folks took the time to write in to the paper to disagree with.  Then, the activities that most appealed to me, the gospel contest, I would probably be one of the few white faces in the audience (which would not bother me but might upset others) and the specialty crop class, well I would probably be the only one there who didn’t own enough property to grow anything on.  So, sorry BK, I don’t think we’ll be moving there anytime soon.  But Nerone is considering it.  Tonight on our walk, he thought that we should run down a few deer to get him shape for treeing raccoons. 


And we are still having internet connection problems!



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    How did we manage without the internet, sorry to hear you are still having problems.

  2. Enjoyed your blog post but am trying to keep a picture of the raccoon poundage measurement from forming in my mind.

  3. So true and then what did they do with it all? I mean you can only make so many Davy Crockett hats.

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