I was reading, part 2

When Ben’s daughter, Annalisa, came to visit she was nice enough to bring us a suitcase full of things and a Sunday Washington Post.  (we really miss newspapers, especially Sunday papers) 


Well, I read it all including the real estate section, which wasn’t that big.  I read the whole thing, including ‘out of town real estate’




2012 more georges b day 012


Well lookee there, a listing in the town my father grew up in and where my cousins still live, Ocean City, New Jersey.  And look at that, my cousin Tim, the realtor, is the listing agent. 


ben,annalisa, spring 2012 037


Also in Annalisa’s great suitcase of wonders was a zip lock bag of thread.  I had been whining to my friend BK about the cost of thread here in Italy.  BK had sent a box of surprises up to Annalisa to bring over and she had thoughtfully included some thread.  What made it even better was, when I thanked BK for sending it, she said ‘Well, you know where it came from? ….Your Mother’   BK and Jim had visited when I was packing and cleaning out my parents’ house.  I gave her some sewing supplies.  For years now she has kept them separate and produces a little surprise for me from them every now and then.  Last year it was a piece of fabric and this year when I needed it, thread.


So see, even though we are far away, some how and sometimes without even knowing it, our family and friends reach out and touch us in the most unusual ways.


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