George’s B-day, part 2

Our friend George is turning 60.  The night before his actual birthday and the last night of their friends’ (Howard and Margaret) visit we met down in Monte San Savino for dinner at Lo Stroncapane.  (located on the SS 73 as you are coming out of MSS towards us)


2012 more georges b day 039

From the left, Jules, Howard, Margaret, George (the birthday boy) and Ben.  (In the background is Luca,by his pizza oven) (Jules and Margaret are like sisters in that they always dress in outfits that compliment each other and are different but interchangeable). 


2012 more georges b day 035

The birthday boy is looking a little glum over his tomato bruschetta.  Maybe because his buds were all eating


2012 more georges b day 036




2012 more georges b day 038


and more MEAT!  But this is hidden under a salad so that makes it healthier.


Ben and I had pizzas.  The others had pasta or risotto.  Along with service, wine, water, and 2 desserts it was between 15 and 17 Euros a person.   Ben and I had beers.  They were sooo good and cold and I could easily had another one, but they are 6 Euros a glass so I held back.  Sometimes in the land of wine I miss drinking a good cold draft beer. 



This is the end of George’s Birthday celebrations (I hope).  But we haven’t had any restaurant food pics in a long time.  So I thought you might be interested.


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