We’re feeling much better now

Remember the pansies that were the main entree on the deer buffet?  (a post several months ago)


2012 more georges b day 046


Look how much better they are looking now.  I did replace 2 plants, but shelter, water and a little plant food brought them back.


And this bed


2012 more georges b day 048


which was savaged 2 years ago by some hedgehog/vole/underground animal has done well this year too.  I picked a number of daffodils from here and now the grape hyacinths (which are late this year) have popped up. 


So I guess there is hope that nature will let us have a few glories.  Should I try tomatoes again this year?????  From 4 plants last year, I was actually able to eat 3 cherry tomatoes.  Such a risk this farming business is.



  1. Linda Ruiz

    I would forgo the tomatoes to live in Italy

  2. Well you should consider it. Some folks only come for a few months, going to a different section each time. You don’t have to move forever.

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