And yet another man climbs on our roof

Please read the post titled ‘My favorite game’ first for this to make sense.

Now the week after Easter has started.  Before the holiday, I managed to get the personal cell phone of the woman who speaks English and harass her while she was not working and on holiday about when someone is going to come.  She in turns gives me the personal cell phone number of the technico, Graziano, who is supposed to come.  I chat with him and he claims he is coming on Tuesday morning after the holiday.  Tuesday morning comes and his colleague phones to say that Graziano is sick and maybe someone will call us on Wednesday.  No one phones.  Thursday morning the same guy calls again.  He will come this afternoon and if it is not raining he will make the installation.  Of course I have a doctor’s appointment at 2:00 in another town about an hour away.  We agree that he will come at 4:00.


The doctor’s appointment moves unbelievably slowly.  I am about to jump out of my skin.  It is 3:00 before I am even in the car to start the drive home.  I drive as fast as I dare, watching the clouds, hoping that it will not rain before we get home.  We arrive minutes before the guy.


easter 2012 038


And another man climbs on the roof.  This actually looks fairly calm but minutes before Elizabetta had been draped all over Ben and Nerone was beside himself barking and acting like an idiot because of the man on the roof and Elizabetta on Ben. 


It takes longer than I expected and this poor man is on the roof for about 2 hours in the wind and occasional rain.  But he very patiently searches for the best signal.  And then from the west, from Siena, the sun breaks out and..


easter 2012 044


a rainbow appears overhead and WE HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION THAT WORKS!!!!!!


Finally!  The best of it all, was that we were able to use the antenna that was already up there.  It just needed to be redirected.  So we only paid for his time, 2 hours, 100 Euros.  The service which is faster than what we had and actually works is the same amount each month, 30 Euros. 


Sometimes you just have to be a bitch to get what you want.  But isn’t it that way everywhere?


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