Grass Cutting Views

I have a friend who lives in a care facility and is unable to move about freely.  I have known her since we were in Brownie Scouts together.  We went to school together, all the way through high school.  She was one of my classmates who married another classmate (that happened a lot with our graduating class).  They had children and enjoyed a normal, full life until her genetic disease progressed to the point that she had to enter a care facility.


I am not saying that she is a saint.  I am sure that she had some difficult moments accepting her condition and the change in her life but on the whole when I communicate with her she is upbeat, positive, interested in the what I am doing.  She keeps up to date with TV and the internet.  It is interesting to talk with her and a pleasure to visit with her even if just by email. 


So why am I writing about her?  Well, I think of her each time I cut grass or go out to perform some mundane garden chore.  I think about what it would be like not to be able to walk outside or even look outside any time I wanted.  Not to be able to feel gentle spring breezes on my face or listen to all the birds auditioning for prospective mates.  Not to smell all the flowers that bloom wild around here or hear the deer ‘barking’ at each other.  I could go on and on…


grass cutting views 011


grass cutting views 014



grass cutting views 016


And when I am cutting grass and catch just for a moment a different view than what I see everyday, I realize how lucky I am to be living here and enjoying this great farm.


We will be leaving this great farm with a guest house (but not necessarily leaving Italy) in August, 2013.    I am fairly certain that where ever we move to, we will not have enough space to host anyone.  So if you are coming to visit you had better plan NOW!


And each and every one of you should be planning to get out and do what you have always wanted to, because you just never know when it might be too late.



  1. lindyloumacinitaly

    A lovely post Martha.

  2. Martha – You are so right to just get out there and do what you have always dreamed of because you just never know… Last Fall I came to Italy for 2 weeks making many stops in small villages as this was a genealogy trip with 3 of my cousins. Two cousins were lucky enough to be full Italian as their grandparents on both sides were from Italy so we had to search in the far south for them. Our mutual grandparents were from Lucito, Campobosso, Molise, not too far south and east of Rome. My cousin from CA was 70 yrs old at the time and I was 68 – the other were in their early 50’s. I’ve been reading your blog for years and it was a great influence that made me believe we could actually do this trip, in spite of our age and infirmities. We had the time of our lives! In fact we had so much fun we are going back next year and my CA cousin is dragging her sister (living in CO) along – this time we plan to stay for 4 weeks! Us old ladies will be 72, 71 and 70 but we are so looking forward to our 2013 trip! I have only you to blame/credit for my courage to do the trip – just wish I had been able to come up and meet you and Ben!

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